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Archives: Subject Guides: Photographs

A collection guide for the Bentley Archives, organized by subject.


The Bentley Archives strives to collect and make available a large number of photographs that provide documentary evidence of the university's history. Photographs are part of several different collections, and their location in the Archives depends on the original source of the image.


  • RG 01 - RG 10
    • ​Photographs in these collections are those donated by departments and individuals on campus. They are not separated from their original context, and they are not organized by subject. If you want to find out whether there are photographs from a certain department, office, or other group please consult the finding aid for that collection. Finding aid inventories will note where photographs are present in these collections. You may access photographs in these collections the same way you would access other paper-based materials.
  • RG 12 - University Historic Photograph Collection
    • ​This collection is unique in that in consists of several thousand photographs which were separated from their original context at some point in history. Due to the time/labor burden associated with attempting to identify and reintegrate these photographs with their department of origin, we have chosen to allow them to remain as a separate collection.
    • Photographs in this collection have individual metadata records and can be searched by date and subject once they are processed. Most of this collection is still unprocessed, however, so please consult the Archivist if you are looking for photographs on a specific topic. 
    • Processed photographs from this collection can be viewed online in our Digital Commonwealth database