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Archives: Subject Guides: Student Records

A collection guide for the Bentley Archives, organized by subject.


Generally speaking, the Archives does not have information about every individual student. If you are seeking to confirm enrollment or graduation, please contact the Registrar. Below are resources that may contain information about a particular student, as well as demographic information about the student population.

  • RG 07 – Division of Student Affairs Records
    • Series 08 – Directories for student activities may help identify a particular student who held a leadership role in their organization.
    • Series 09 – Some rosters available for athletic teams, particularly in the 1980s-1990s.
  • RG 08 – Division of University Advancement Records
    • Series 06 – Records of various alumni clubs and societies, as well as programs from class reunions, may help to identify a particular student based on class year.
  • RG 10 – Graduating Class and Student Records
    • Series 01 – Records arranged by class year contain donations from individual students, as well as class rosters and updates
    • Series 02 – Larger donations by individual students, primarily of classwork or photographs. See finding aid for complete list of student donors.
  • RG 11 – University Publications
    • Series 01 – Yearbooks contain photos of individual students as well as information about club and athletic membership. Early yearbooks often contain addresses.
    • Series 03 – Commencement programs list graduates from day and evening divisons, and later from graduate division.
    • Series 05 – Alumni directories list current information for alumni by last name or married name.
    • Series 06 – The alumni magazine features profiles of individual alumni, as well as class notes organized by graduating year.
    • Series 09 – The New Student Record was published between 1978-1993 and contains individual records for students during that time period.
  • RG 12 – Photographs
    • In addition to numerous photos of individual students and student groups, the Archives holds a series of class portraits taken between 1917 and the 1960s. These portraits were created by assembling individual pictures taken of students, and they exist for both day and evening division. Please contact the Archivist if you are looking for a photograph of a relative or other alum who may be included in these photographs.