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Archives: Subject Guides: Student Activities

A collection guide for the Bentley Archives, organized by subject.


  • MS 02 – John Nichol Papers
    • Several folders on Student Affairs, as well as “Impact of student ratings,” Student employment information,” “Internships for students,” “Honor Board,” and more.
  • RG 03 – Division of Administration and Finance Records
    • Series 01 – Contains information on student employment and the College Work-Study Program
  • RG 04 – Division of Enrollment Management Records
    • Series 02 – Admissions marketing materials discuss on-campus activities, job opportunities, clubs, sports, and more.
    • Series 06 – Institutional research including surveys of Bentley seniors as well as post-graduation surveys
  • RG 07 – Division of Student Affairs Records
    • All series in this collection provide important context for the student life experience on both the Boston and Waltham campuses. Clubs, athletics, Greek life, and other student resources and activities are well-represented. A good starting point for anyone interested in learning more about the life of a Bentley student.  
  • RG 10 – Graduating Class and Student Records
    • All material in this collection directly relates to student life/activities at Bentley. Graduating class records detail end of year gatherings, reunions, and other class related activities. Individual student records include scrapbooks, classwork, correspondence, and other ephemera that detail their lives as Bentley students.
  • RG 11 – University Publications
    • Series 01 – Yearbooks document graduating students as well as student activities
    • Series 02 – Student newspaper provides broadest context for happenings on campus and concerns of resident students.
    • Series 03 – Commencement programs provide documentation on degrees and awards given to students
    • Series 05 – Campus directories contextualize the arrangement of services on campus
    • Series 09 – The New Student Record was an annual publication for students to acquaint themselves with others they would meet on campus
    • Series 13 –Bentley Views, published throughout the 1930s, often shows photos of spaces where students lived and socialized
  • RG 14 – Early Bentley History
    • Series 01 – Bound and loose clippings document early student activities on campus including athletics, Greek life, and more. Notices and brochures also include information about student accommodations, places where students congregated to eat and socialize, etc.
    • Series 03 – Formal and informal writings on the early history of the school provide detail about how students lived, what options they had for recreation, and more.