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Archives: Subject Guides: Administration

A collection guide for the Bentley Archives, organized by subject.


  • MS 01 – Henry Rauch Papers
    • Series 06 – Correspondence between Trustee Chair Rauch and President Adamian helps to elucidate the administration of the college during the 1970’s. Papers may be restricted.
    • Series 07 – Personal papers relating to the Bentley Board of Trustees. Papers may be restricted.
  • MS 02 – John Nichol Papers
    • As Dean and Academic Vice President of the school for a number of years, the Nichol collection contains much valuable information on college administration from the 1970’s through the late 1980’s.
  • RG 01 – Division of the President Records
    • Series 01 – Presidential correspondence demonstrates the day-to-day work of college administration and contextualizes decisions and developments at the school.
    • Series 04 – Faculty Manuals establish administrative policy on a yearly basis
  • RG 02 – Board of Trustee Records
    • This entire record group demonstrates high level administrative organization and should be investigated thoroughly by those who have questions about the establishment of policy and programming at Bentley.
  • RG 03 – Division of Administration and Finance Records
    • Series 01 – Annual financial statements and budget documents provide insight into the administration of the college on a yearly basis.
  • RG 04 – Division of Enrollment Management Records
    • Series 06 – Institutional research, including research conducted to prepare for accreditations, provide overviews of college operation and services.
  • RG 09 – Faculty and Staff Records
    • The records of the Faculty Senate address many high level issues being proposed or established at the college, including curricular developments, changes to hiring and tenure, institutional policy, etc.