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Archives: Subject Guides: Diversity & Inclusion

A collection guide for the Bentley Archives, organized by subject.


  • MS 02 – John Nichol Papers
    • See folders on topics such as “Committee on Equal Opportunity,” “Black studies,” “Affirmative Action/EEO,” “Women at Bentley,” “Women in Higher Education,” “Student profile – international.”
  • RG 01 – Division of the President Records
    • Series 03 – This series contains records from the Office of the Ombudsperson/Office of Equal Opportunity. Currently this series is quite small but we expect to collect more material in the future.
    • Series 04 – HR records may provide information on policies concerning diversity and inclusion.
  • RG 02 – Board of Trustees Records
    • While no information on this topic has specifically been identified in this collection, it may be a place to search if you already have a time period or program in mind. Surveys prepared for accreditation typically contain information about gender makeup of the student body and faculty populations
  •  RG 04 – Division of Enrollment Management Records
    • Several series in this collection contain information on enrollment and demographics for students. Accreditation information and institutional research supplement this information.
  • RG 07 – Division of Student Affairs Records
    • Series 02 – News regarding the Center for International Students and Scholars, primarily from the 1990s.
    • Series 03 – Records of the Multicultural Center provide information on programming surrounding diversity and the administration of the Center. Also included are Directories of Services and Diversity Progress Reports related to the task force commissioned by President Cronin in the 1990s.
  • RG 08 – Division of University Advancement Records
    • Series 05 – The records of the Center for Women in Business and an exhibit created for Women’s History Month.
  • RG 09 – Faculty and Staff Records
    • Faculty Senate Records may contain records of initiatives related to issues of diversity and inclusion. These records are currently being processed and may be subject to access restrictions.
  • RG 11 – University Publications
    • Several series, including yearbooks and student newspapers show evidence of organizations like La Cultura Latina, the Black United Body, and more.
  • RG 14 – Early Bentley History
    • Folder on admission of women