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Archives: Subject Guides: Residence Life

A collection guide for the Bentley Archives, organized by subject.


  • RG 03 – Division of Administration and Finance
    • Series 04 – Records on the history of the Boston campus and the development of the Waltham campus, including construction drawings and plans for dormitory buildings. This series also includes campus guides, information on building renovations, and material about parking and access. Finally, it also contains material related to the campus interaction with the city of Waltham.
  • RG 04 – Division of Enrollment Management Records
    • Series 02 – This series contains recruitment pamphlets about campus life and activities, as well as planning and event documents for “Camp Bentley” and other campus visit programs.
    • Series 06 – Institutional research including community impact studies, the Bentley College Downtown Boston Center, and other facilities.
  • RG 07 – Division of Student Affairs Records
    • This collection is centered around services for students, and therefore material in almost all series will be applicable. In particular, information about centers for Spritiual Life, Multicultural Affairs, and Health and Wellness are represented, as well as annual reports on campus security from University Police. The Residence Life series contains several boxes of information on topics like dining, living accommodations, orientation, and more.
  • RG 10 – Graduating Class and Student Records
    • Individual student donations may contain recollections or memorabilia from life on campus. Please consult the finding aid/contact the Archivist.
  • RG 11 – University Publications
    • Series 02 – Student newspaper provides broadest context for happenings on campus and concerns of resident students.
    • Series 04 – Catalogs contain information about housing options and costs, as well as activities and amenities on campus.
    • Series 05 – Campus directories contextualize the arrangement of services on campus
    • Series 09 – The New Student Record was an annual publication for students to acquaint themselves with others they would meet on campus
    • Series 13 –Bentley Views, published throughout the 1930’s, often shows photos of boarding houses, dormitories, and fraternity houses utilized by students on Bentley’s Boston campus
  • RG 14 – Early Bentley History
    • All series in this collection provide important context for the residence life experience on both the Boston and Waltham campuses. Early notices from the school give information about boarding rates and options for students before dormitories were purchased, and planning documentation for the Waltham campus discusses living options.