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Archives: Subject Guides: Curriculum

A collection guide for the Bentley Archives, organized by subject.


  • MS 02 – John Nichol Papers
    • John Nichol was a long-time academic Vice President of Bentley and as such, this collection contains a significant amount of information on the development of curriculum. Material relates to the undergraduate program, as well as the graduate school, professional courses, and more. Many records from committees doing work on curriculum development.
  • RG 01 – Division of the President Records
    • Series 01 – Presidential correspondence may contain information on projected development of programs and curriculum – such as the decision to pursue accreditation.
  • RG 02 – Board of Trustees Records
    • Several series in this collection provide valuable information on development of new programs, courses, etc. See meeting minutes, annual reports, and particularly the papers relating to the Academic Affairs Committee. Documents in this collection will provide more official documentary evidence when compared to the presidential collections which are mainly correspondence.
  • RG 04 – Division of Enrollment Management Records
    • Series 02/03 - These two series both contain pamphlets on the undergraduate and graduate programs at Bentley and can provide information on course and major offerings throughout Bentley history.
    • Series 05 – Enrollment information and scheduling resources show the availability and popularity of certain programs.
  • RG 09 – Faculty and Staff Records
    • The records of Bentley’s Faculty Senate, which are currently being processed, are an excellent source of information for anyone who is interested in the process of curriculum development. The collection represents many different committees and phases of work on new courses, programs, and initiatives.
  • RG 10 – Student and Class Records
    • If you are interested in understanding the content of early Bentley courses, some of the donated student work may provide insight. We have notebooks, workbooks, and annotated textbooks that show what was asked of Bentley students in the school’s early years.
  • RG 11 – University Publications
    • Series 01 – Course catalogs are the best resource for researchers who want to quickly be able to discern what the Bentley curriculum was like at a given period in time. Course catalogs list individual course offerings, as well as information on graduation requirements, course credits, majors/minors, and other academic programs.
  • RG 14 – Early Bentley History
    • Series 01 – Notices outline the courses offered in the first 50 years of Bentley, with information on preparatory courses, the day/evening programs, and more.