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Company Research Guide

This Bentley Library research guide was created to provide a starting point for researching companies.

Company Supply Chain

Researching the supply chain:

  • Finding information about a company's supply chain can be challenging. Public companies are not mandated to disclose all of their suppliers and customers, and companies may not want to reveal information about their relationships for competitive reasons.
  • The databases listed below are the best sources for supply chain information for public companies. The information provided is often extracted from SEC filings (note that the SEC does not require a company to report all of its suppliers or customers), public company documents, and trade sources. These are generally lists of major customers and suppliers.
  • We also recommend looking for information in the company's latest 10-K filing, company press releases, analyst reports, and articles.


Search tip: You can either (a) search for a company, then select the "Supply Chain" tab or (b) select the "Supply Chain" tab, then search for a company. Start by exploring the links to Suppliers and Customers. Other information available includes Competitors, Partners, Industries & Sectors, Products & Services, and a M&A scenario report.

Search tip: Look up your company by name or ticker. "Supply Chain" is located in the Overview section of the company record.

Search tip:  Supply chain information for a company is available using SPLC function.

Industry Supply Chain

Top industry database pick:

Search tip: Each IBISWorld industry report describes industry linkages and the upstream and downstream drivers for that industry in the "Products and Markets" section of the report.

Review industry surveys for additional information. Recommended industry research databases are available on this guide:

Trading Room Resources

Visit the Trading Room for access to other information resources such as MorningstarBloomberg, Capital IQ, FactSet, and Datastream.