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Company Research Guide

This Bentley Library research guide was created to provide a starting point for researching companies.

Analyst & Investment Reports

These resources provide analyst opinion and/or investment advice. You should also visit the Trading Room for access to other information resources.

  • Search tip: Search for a company, then on the profile page look for a link to Analyst Reports
  • Search tip: Click on the Investext tab, then use the search criteria options to construct a search.

Search Tip 1: Use S&P Capital IQ NetAdvantage to access CFRA Stock Reports. Search for a company to retrieve its profile. On the left side of the screen box, select [Equity Research] from the resources list. A CFRA Stock Report will be retrieved. Stock Reports are issued weekly.

Search Tip 2: S&P Capital IQ Advantage also provides access to investment reports and analyst opinion from a variety of firms. Search for a company to retrieve its profile. On the left side of the screen box, select [Investment Research] from the resources list and browse the reports listed.  By default only reports published in the last 30 days are shown. Use the date drop-down box at the top of the screen to change the date range to display.

  • Search Tip: Enter a company name or ticker symbol in the [QUOTE] search box at the top of the screen. To print in PDF format, click on the [PDF REPORTS] link and choose a date. Note: to view reports older than one year, use the Value Line Historical Reports database (link below).
  • Search Tip: Type a company name or ticker symbol into the search box and choose a company from the list of suggestions to retrieve a company profile. Scroll to the "Financial Performance" section and look for the "Investment Reports" box. The most recent report will display; click the "all reports" link to see all available investment reports. Note: Investment reports are not available for all companies

Trading Room Resources

Visit the Trading Room for access to other information resources such as MorningstarBloomberg, Capital IQ, and Datastream.