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MRI-Simmons Insights: How-To Guide

Learn how to create Quick Reports and Crosstabs in MRI-Simmons Insights.

Helpful Hints for Reading Reports

Terms & Abbreviations

  • MO = "Most Often". Consumer selected this brand as most often used.
  • ALSO = "Also used". Consumer used this brand, but it was not their most used brand.
  • Sole User = Product usage coding designation used when only one brand is recorded.
  • Primary User = Product usage coding designation used when more than one brand is recorded.
  • (H) = Household. Indicates household use, not individual use. 

Data Definitions

  • Total = total number of people 18+ who took the survey.
  • Sample = the number of respondents to the survey who meet the specifications of both the Row and the Column.
  • Weighted = projected number in thousands (000) to represent a larger population. Add three zeros (000) to the end of the number.
  • Vert % = Vertical % or Percent Down. Percentage of the column reached by the row.
  • Horz % = Horizontal % or Percent Across. Percentage of the row reached by the column.
  • Index = The likelihood of the target to meet a specified criterion, expressed in relation to the base, where 100 = average. Over 100 is more likely, under 100 less likely, to meet the specification. If the index is close to 100, it shows that usage is not much different than the rest of the population. Read as a percentage:
    • 121 = 21% more likely (121 - 100 = 21)
    • 92 = 8% less likely (100 - 92 = 8)

Sample Size Cautions

*   a single asterisk indicates a cell count from 31 to 60. Projections may be unstable, use with caution 

**  a double asterisk indicates a cell count below 31. Projections are likely unstable, use with caution.

Report Icons

Index Column Icons

In the Index column, a yellow line indicates an Index number falls between 90-110. The green up arrow indicates an Index number of above 110, and a red down arrow indicates an Index number of below 90.