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MRI-Simmons Insights: How-To Guide

Learn how to create Quick Reports and Crosstabs in MRI-Simmons Insights.

User Guides and Survey Documents

MRI-Simmons Insights has made a number of user guides and survey resources available in the Help section of the database. Click on the ? icon in the top right corner to find:

  • User Guides - explore this section to find a full user guide for the MRI-Simmons Insights platform, as well as shorter help guides for Quick Reports, Crosstabs, Dictionary, Segmentation, and more. 
  • Study Resources - includes access to the Individual and Household Survey Instruments, Survey Methodology, Codebook, Geographic Definitions, Psychographic Scale Definitions, and more.

Video Tutorials

Videos used with permission from, and with thanks to, Chad Boeninger, Head of User Services & Business Librarian at Ohio University Libraries. [Bentley users can disregard database login steps provided in these videos.]

How to create a demographic profile report in Simmons Insights

How to create a cross tab in Simmons Insights