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MRI-Simmons: How-To Guide

Learn how to create Quick Reports and Crosstabs in MRI-Simmons Catalyst and Insights.

Users Guides & Survey Documentation

MRI-Simmons has made a number of Catalyst user guides and survey resources (including the methodology and codebook) available in the Help section of the database. Click on the ? icon in the top right corner of the database to find:

  • User Guides - explore this section to find a full user guide for the MRI-Simmons platform, as well as shorter guides for Quick Reports and Crosstabs. 
  • Study Resources - includes access to the Survey Instruments, Survey Methodology, Codebook, and more.
  • Segmentation Resources - includes the Psychographic and Lifestyle Sourcebook, a guide to the psychographic, lifestyle, and segmentation 
    information in the MRI-Simmons USA Study.
  • Tutorials - Watch a full video tutorial on how to use the Catalyst platform.

Top Catalyst Help Guides