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Information Literacy and Instruction

Resources and tips about information literacy, critical thinking, and how faculty can incorporate these concepts into their courses.

FDS100: Falcon Discovery Seminar

The Falcon Discovery Seminar engages first year students in the university community and prepares them to be lifelong learners. This course introduces students to the power of communities by framing the discussion of communities around an authentic problem of the faculty member’s choosing.

Students are required to complete a self-guided information literacy module usually during Week 4 of the term. This self-guided module was developed by Bentley University librarians to help meet the Falcon Discovery Seminar's Student Learning Outcome (SLO) #5c:

Evaluate claims according to clearly identified standards; systematically explore issues or topics through the collection and analysis of appropriate evidence, and formulate and defend arguments that result in logical and informed conclusions or judgements.

This module also addresses the Library's own information literacy core concepts and outcomes as prescribed by the Association of College and Research Libraries’ (ACRL) Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education.

The module introduces students to the basics of college-level research. Lesson topics include:

  • Information Basics (introduction to various formats, information cycle, scholarly vs. popular publications, evaluating information)
  • The Research Process (choosing and refining topics, developing a research question, planning a research project, conducting background research)
  • Finding Books & Media
  • Finding Articles
  • Citing Sources

To demonstrate completion of the module, students are tasked with completing short multiple choice quiz. 

Scheduling Information for Faculty

FDS faculty can request instruction sessions with a librarian using our Instruction Request Form. These instruction classes can be tailored to provide further assistance and guidance with research related to the particular discipline, theme, or problem students will be exploring in class.

Please request your instruction session as far in advance as possible to allow for better availability for preferred dates of the sessions.

Questions regarding instruction can be directed to Matt Van Sleet, Research Instruction Coordinator.