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Information Literacy and Instruction

Resources and tips about information literacy, critical thinking, and how faculty can incorporate these concepts into their courses.

Corporate Immersion

Corporate Immersion provides students with unique opportunities to work with clients and develop recommended solutions to problems companies are facing. Corporate Immersion projects help students develop high-level strategic thinking, research, and communication skills. This course is available at both the undergraduate and graduate level, housed in the Marketing department. 

Bentley Library's Marketing liaison librarian works closely with Corporate Immersion classes and is embedded in the courses throughout the semester. In this role, the librarian creates instructional resources such as research guides, provides instruction to students, attends class meetings, and more. Students receive feedback on their deliverables from the librarian regarding their research, including resource selection and citation. The librarian also is available as a direct contact for students who need assistance with their coursework for this class.

Questions about the library's involvement with Corporate Immersion can be directed to Lisa Curtin, liaison to the Marketing department.