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Information Literacy and Instruction

Resources and tips about information literacy, critical thinking, and how faculty can incorporate these concepts into their courses.

Librarian & Faculty Collaboration

Bentley reference librarians work with faculty to make smarter researchers and information users out of students. We assist in incorporating information literacy and offer advice on library resources when designing assignments, or collaborate on a semester-long or one-time basis.

Why work with a librarian?

  • We know the Bentley Library collections. Reference librarians work with electronic and print sources every day, and can help students match the scope of their research questions to appropriate sources.
  • We do research on research. Reference librarians keep up with the latest sources of information (electronic, print, or on the Web), and with the most efficient ways to search for them and within them.
  • We want to enhance students' learning. Both faculty and librarians want students to use information effectively and ethically, and to think critically.

What are some collaboration opportunities?

Research Instruction Classes

Research instruction classes normally take place during scheduled class periods. They are most useful to students when tied to a particular assignment, at the point when they would normally need to begin research. Reference librarians will work with you to customize the class to your students' knowledge, skills, and research topics. 

However, there are many ways that we can work together to provide instruction to students on using library resources and build their information literacy skills.  Classes may be offered synchronously or asynchronously and even offered in-person or virtually. We can even scheduled multiple, shorter sessions with a class over the course of a semester. Visit our Instruction @ the Bentley Library page for more information about our Instruction Services.

Instructional Design Assistance

Designing a new assignment to be used in your classes? We can offer our assistance in building library resources and information literacy skills into assignments. Check out some of our tips on our Assignment Design page.

Educational Resource Development

Librarians can create specialized course guides to assist students in finding the best resources for their assignments in your classes. View our current Course Guide offerings or see all of our Research Guides for examples of the types of resources that we can create. 

Consultations or Workshops with Students or Student Groups

We can work with individuals or student groups in consultation settings if they need assistance with research. Librarians have also worked with many different students and programs for students. We offer research assistant training, speak to student groups at events such as the Undergraduate Research Bootcamp, and can attend orientations to introduce students to the Bentley Library.

Anything else you can think of!