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Information Literacy and Instruction

Resources and tips about information literacy, critical thinking, and how faculty can incorporate these concepts into their courses.

Information Literacy Instruction @ Bentley Library

Information Literacy is incorporated throughout the curriculum at Bentley University. Instruction that the library provides related to information literacy and research can take many forms. Below are some of the most common modalities where students receive information literacy instruction from a librarian.

Library Instruction Sessions by Request

In the library instruction field, the term "one shot" is used to describe one or two instruction sessions with a particular course. This type of instruction is the most common modality of instruction that the Bentley Library provides. These sessions are developed based on assignments and course needs, available on faculty request. Librarians will work with faculty to identify learning outcomes for the sessions. They are most useful to students when tied to a particular assignment, at the point when they would normally need to begin research. Reference librarians will work with you to customize the class to your students' knowledge, skills, and research topics.

Skills and concepts that can be covered include:

  • Topic exploration: identifying and focusing topics, teaching research as an exploratory and iterative process
  • Search strategies: how to turn a research question into keywords; how to narrow or broaden searches; Boolean operators; using subject headings
  • Evaluation of sources: differentiating among scholarly, popular, and trade publications; verifying information's accuracy and authority; identifying what types of information may be found in particular sources (e.g., reference books, blogs) and how to use it
  • Discipline-specific research strategies
  • How to cite information properly

These "one shot" instruction classes take place during regular class meeting times. Faculty can schedule instruction sessions using our Instruction Request Form. Librarians have provided one-shot instruction sections in classes across the curriculum in various disciplines including Accounting, Marketing, Sociology, Global Studies, History, Psychology, and more.

Instruction Programs

Library Instruction programs that align with the core curriculum have been developed and updated over the years in order to help students build essential research skills and practices. These programs have been built through faculty-librarian collaboration, particularly within the general education core and in the English & Media Studies program. Most, if not all, of the sections offered of these courses each semester receive instruction from a librarian. To learn more about library information literacy instruction programs within the general education curriculum, see the following:

Special Instruction Programs

The Bentley Librarians collaborate with faculty to provide information literacy instruction in many ways. Outside of the one-shot sessions and established programs with core curriculum courses, there are times when librarians partner with faculty providing semester-long, embedded instruction.