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Advertising Research Guide

This guide was created to provide a starting point for researching topics related to advertising, including ad expenditures and ad rates, marketing campaigns, media planning, and locating advertisements.

MRI-Simmons Insights database

MRI-Simmons Catalyst (formerly MRI-Simmons Insights) provides access to consumer demographic, psychographic, brand preference, and media data from the MRI-Simmons USA Study and Simmons National Consumer Survey (NCS/NHCS). The surveys provide access to over 60,000 data elements:

  • detailed consumer demographic data
  • products and services usage for over 6,000 brands in more than 1,000 categories
  • 1,000+ consumer attitudes & opinions
  • shopping and spending behavior
  • media and technology usage information
  • lifestyle segmentations

How to Access MRI-Simmons

Use the link below to access the database. MRI-Simmons allows a maximum of 20 simultaneous users. Please LOG OUT when you are finished using the database to free up space for others. During times of high usage the database may reach capacity and you will be prompted to try again later.

How to Use MRI-Simmons

To learn how to use MRI-Simmons to create and understand Quick Reports and Crosstabs visit the MRI-Simmons How-To guide:

Learn to:

  • Generate a demographic profile of your target consumer
  • Identify the target market for a product
  • Find out which consumers are more likely to use a specific brand, have a specific interest, or engage in a specific activity
  • Identify the best media channels to reach your target audience
  • Understand the psychographics (interests, opinions, attitudes, behaviors) associated with your target customer

Claritas 360 database

  • Pop-Facts Demographics Reports - Effective Buying Income; Pop-Facts Demographics; Pop-Facts Demographics By Age Race Sex;  Pop-Facts Demographics Trend;  Pop-Facts Executive Summary;  Pop-Facts Household Income By Age of Householder and  Senior Life
  • Segmentation Reports - Consumer Concentration; Market Potential; Profile Ranking Index; Profile Worksheet;  Segment Distribution; Target Concentration; and Target Segment Measures. Segmentation reports include PRIZM Social Groups and PRIZM Lifestage Group.