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Scholars @ Bentley: Next Steps (2)

This guide is designed to help familiarize you with our open-access institutional repository, Scholars @ Bentley. Pages in this guide will discuss the value of adding research to an IR, and take you through the process of submitting your work.


This page is intended to help you review the results of your Permission Review Request, and to determine next steps for uploading work into the Scholars @ Bentley repository. 


What published works am I eligible to post in Scholars @ Bentley?

Items highlighted in GREEN: Based on publicly available copyright information from your publisher, you may post any version of this article, including the publisher’s PDF. The post may need to include a copyright statement and/or link to the publisher's DOI. 

Items highlighted in YELLOW: Based on publicly available copyright information from your publisher, you may post your pre-print or post-print/author’s accepted manuscript. Again, attribution to the final publisher’s version may be required.

Items highlighted in RED: We were unable to locate publisher information or we determined that no version of this work is eligible to post in Scholars @ Bentley. You may want to conduct a follow-up search or attempt to locate your publishing agreement to get more information about your rights to share this work.


What is the value of submitting a pre-print or post-print/author’s accepted manuscript?

Published research is often hidden behind publisher paywalls, making it difficult for your intellectual work to reach its largest potential audience. By submitting a pre-print or post-print to Scholars @ Bentley, you make the content of the research available to the global scholarly community via an open access database, while still satisfying publisher copyright requirements. In the case of post-prints, the research has also already undergone a peer-review process and may have been copy edited, making it almost identical in content to the published version. (If you need help identifying versions of your work, please email


What else can I submit besides published research?

The short answer is – anything that is part of your scholarly production! If materials are not subject to copyright restrictions from a publisher or other third party, you may submit them freely to Scholars @ Bentley. This might include presentations from events on or off-campus, conference proceedings, video or audio of lectures and presentations, datasets, art or other multimedia, working papers, comments and reviews, and more. This is an opportunity to share unpublished scholarly material with the global research community and potentially increase the impact of your work. Please contact if you have questions about how to post certain materials or if you need additional metadata fields.


What are my next steps now that I have information about what I am able to share?

Locate the appropriate versions of any scholarly work you wish to submit to the repository. If you have not already created a Bepress account, please visit, click "My Account" in the top menu, and follow prompts to create one. Once you are logged into your account, you can locate the appropriate submission page for your department, and fill out a metadata form for each individual work. After you submit your work, a member of the Scholars @ Bentley team will review the metadata and let you know if any changes need to be made before posting.


Can someone post my work on Scholars @ Bentley on my behalf?

Yes, with some caveats. You may allow an assistant or other colleague to post work for you. However, you still bear all of the responsibilities outlined in the Contributor Agreement Form. You must ensure that whoever is assisting you is aware of the requirements to post including copyright checks, co-author permissions, etc. Additionally, you should ensure that this person is prepared to provide robust metadata about the work including keywords, abstract, and more. Without good metadata, it will be much harder for other researchers to discover and cite your work.

If you would like a member of the Scholars @ Bentley team to submit work on your behalf, please send the appropriate versions of each submission via SharePoint or email attachment to If possible, please include metadata including abstract, keywords, and disciplines. Scholars team members are unable to review your work to extract metadata. If you do not include metadata with your submissions, it may significantly limit the discoverability of your work. 


I am having difficulty submitting work / I have a question about the submission form.

Please email with any questions about the submission process, metadata fields, or to report any problems you may be having with the platform. We are also able to add custom metadata fields, content types, etc. 


If you have additional questions or need help managing your account, please contact the Scholars @ Bentley team via email.