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Scholars @ Bentley: Permission Checks

This guide is designed to help familiarize you with our open-access institutional repository, Scholars @ Bentley. Pages in this guide will discuss the value of adding research to an IR, and take you through the process of submitting your work.

Permission Checks

Before posting your scholarly product for Open Access, or any version of it, you will need to check which and whether any permissions to do so have been granted by the publisher.  Very often for scholarly articles, the work of finding those permissions has been done up-front by the website SHERPA/RoMEO.  The journal you published your article in, however, may not be indexed there.  In that case, you need to contact the journal or its publisher.  You bear the responsibility of ascertaining the permissions of the publisher and adhering to their instructions for posting your scholarly work.  If your journal is indexed SHERPA/RoMEO, the following walk-through of the website will help you to answer the following:


  1. Am I permitted to post a version of my artlcle online?
  2. If yes, which one?
  3. How specifically am I permitted to post online?

Step 1

Go to the SHERPA/RoMEO site to identify the journal that published the article


Step 2

Enter the title of the journal and search.

In most cases, one journal exists for the title you enter.  In some cases, however, different journals have the same title, and you may have to pick through the results to find the right one.  If you have the ISSN already, search by it instead. 

  1. If you searched by title, establish that the journal is the correct one by



Step 3

Identify Open Access permissions for your journal by the RoMEO color code

Step 4

Refer to the actual permissions for that color


It is critical to understand the permission terms publisher’s version,” “pre-print” and “post-print.”  “pre-print” is to be understood as the article version before peer-review, while “post-print” is the version after peer-review.  Furthermore “post-print” is to be distinguished from “publisher’s version” which features the publisher’s layout, typesetting, and formatting.  Click on “More on colours and restrictions” for more detailed information and definitions.

Step 5

Permissions specific to each version are marked by green checkmarks and red crosses.

Step 6

Follow General Conditions for posting article version(s).  Give attention to references to publisher policies that require further conditions for posting.

In our example, the publisher requires that specific statements accompany article versions.  They are to be found on the policy website of the publisher. You can include those statements in the Comments field when you upload your work for review.