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Bentley Library Orientation: Getting to Know the Bentley Library

Get to know the Bentley Library through this general introduction to our resources & services.

Library Search: Your Starting Point for Research

About Library Search

Library Search is the Bentley Library's discovery service. You can use it to search almost everything the library has, including books and e-books, articles, and streaming media. 


Start by signing-in for full access to search results, create favorites lists, make requests, and access your library account.

Start Searching

The default Basic Search retrieves results that contain all of your search terms. These may match keywords in titles, author names, subjects, table of contents, and other descriptions. Switch to Advanced Search if you want to search in specific fields (e.g. title, author, subject) or to limit results by material type and publication date. View the Library Search tips page for additional help.

What Am I Searching?

  • Search Everything: Searches the library catalog plus articles from many of the library's databases, e-books, streaming media, and other electronic resources that the library subscribes to. 
  • Search Library Catalog: Searches the Bentley Library's collections - books, journals, and media owned by the library.
  • Search Articles: Searches for articles from many of the library's databases. Not all databases can be searched here - you can find more articles, reports, data, and other materials using other search tools. View the list of databases not included in Library Search.
  • Search Course Reserves: Searches for items placed on course reserve at the library.