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Consumers & Market Segments Research Guide

This Bentley Library research guide was created to provide a starting point for researching consumers and market segments.

Consumer & Market Research Databases

The comprehensive resources listed in this box are the library's top consumer research databases. They provide a mix of demographic and psychographic information, but don't forget to explore the other areas of this guide for additional information sources for consumer market research.

See also: MRI-Simmons Insights and Mosaic USA database information on this guide.
  • Search Tip #1: Find a Consumer Lifestyles Report:
    1. In the top navigation bar, click on [Consumers] and then click on [Lifestyles].
    2. Use the [Explore Analysis] section to choose Country Report from the Analysis drop-down list, select Lifestyles from the Category drop-down list, and then select a country from the Geography drop-down list.
  • Search Tip #2: Look for consumer information in Country Reports and Briefings. There are a few different search options available on the main landing page:
    • Use the search box to keyword search the full database for data and analysis.
    • In the top navigation bar, click on [Industries] to select an industry, then use the [Explore Analysis] and [Explore Statistics] filters to narrow the search. Note: When choosing an analysis type, start with a Country Report (if available), then explore the other types of analysis.
    • Use the [Search Categories] option to browse the category tree using a drill-down menu and then choose a geography.
  • Tip: Provides demographic and consumer market segmentation data by geographic place (DMA, county, or state).
    • Pop-Facts Demographics Reports: Effective Buying Income; Pop-Facts Demographics; Pop-Facts Demographics By Age Race Sex;  Pop-Facts Demographics Trend;  Pop-Facts Executive Summary;  Pop-Facts Household Income By Age of Householder and  Senior Life
    •  Segmentation Reports: Consumer Concentration; Market Potential; Profile Ranking Index; Profile Worksheet;  Segment Distribution; Target Concentration; and Target Segment Measures. Segmentation reports include PRIZM Social Groups and PRIZM Lifestage Group.
  • Tip: Check the Consumer Behavior handbook for consumer demographic data and analysis of consumer segments, spending and behaviors.