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Created to support green business, and sustainability topics

E-Resources - Sustainability and Green Business

These are well suited for green business, in addition to the others in this guide.  For best results use multiple keywords  

Greenwash: An organization's self-description as environmentally conscious, without substance; whitewashing with a green brush.

There will forever be an effort to balance ethics, truth in advertising, and image.  Hear in the following video how some green claims made by companies are outweighed by what the companies actually do or provide.  Video from Univ. of Navarro. 

Readings on Green business

Suggested Keywords for Green Business

Example, seek "green business" AND " ___________ "

  • community
  • corporate social responsibility
  • CSR
  • design
  • environment*
  • ethics
  • fuel efficiency
  • future 
  • LEED
  • materials
  • packag*‚Äč
  • paperless
  • recyc*
  • reusable  
  • smart buildings
  • soy-based inks
  • sustainab*
  • tangibles

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