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Pro/Con, Position Papers or Debates

This guide is intended to help students research Position Paper (Pro/con) or Debate topics. Get help finding authoritative book, article and statistical sources to support your arguments.

Brainstorm Keywords!

Brainstorming keywords is an important part of the research process. As you begin to look at your search results take note of any new keywords that are relevant and incorporate those into your next search. 

Think about using BROADER terms to get more results, and NARROWER terms to retrieve fewer results. Follow the tips on the "Search Tips" guide to combine your search terms and BUILD searches to achieve best results. 

Possible keywords to get you started are listed below.  How many more can you think of?

  • pro/con
  • viewpoint*
  • controvers*
  • argument*
  • editorial*
  • perspectiv*

If you were researching the abortion for example, you might search (abortion AND controver*)

Recommended Article Databases

If you are still not finding what you need, use the Filters by Subject options on the Databases A to Z page or Ask a Librarian.

You can use Ulrichsweb Global Serials Directory to check on whether or not a Journal/Source is Peer Reviewed.

Search Beyond Bentley Library

Google Scholar will allow you to search outside of the library's databases to find information, however not all information you find will be freely available. You can configure Google Scholar to link to Bentley Library's holdings should those articles be available in our collections - visit the Remote Access to Google Scholar research guide for details. 

Google Scholar Search