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Transgender Research: About this Guide

This guide is to help you get started using the library's resources to research topics in transgender studies.

Transgender Research at the Bentley Library

This guide is designed to be a starting point for members of the Bentley University community who have an interest in using the Library's resources for research on topics in transgender studies and topics. Use the tabs along the top of the guide to go directly to topics or resources that interest you.

Please note that there is a separate LGBTQ Research guide, though useful information on transgender topics may be found in both guides. This guide also contains information on related topics, such as intersex issues.

Please help us build a better research guide by providing us with your feedback and insights on how we can make it better.  Feel free to contact the author of this guide with your thoughts.

Keywords in Transgender Research

Start searching databases, the library catalog, and the Web with the following words and phrases. As your search progresses, add to the list with your own terms. Please note that while some of these terms may be outdated or inappropriate, many are still used in online databases and in library catalog subject headings.


  • transgender*,"gender identity," "gender expression"
  • transsexual*, transvestite
  • hermaphrodit*, intersex, "sexual minorities"
  • "gender queer" or genderqueer
  • female-to-male (FTM) or male-to-female (MTF)
  • "sex change" or "gender reassignment"


Note: An asterisk (*) will search all words that begin with the letters in front of it; for example: transsexual* will search for transsexual, transsexuals, transsexualism, and transsexuality.