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Transgender Research

Use library and external resources to research topics in transgender studies.


Start searching databases, the library catalog, and the Web with the following words and phrases. As your search progresses, add to the list with your own terms. Please note that while some of these terms may be outdated or inappropriate, many are still used in online databases and in library catalog subject headings.

  • transgender, gender identity, gender expression
  • transgender, trans*, transsexual, transvestite
  • female-to-male (FTM) or male-to-female (MTF)
  • sex change, gender reassignment


Subject Headings

The library catalog and some databases can be searched using subject headings: established phrases similar to tags that can be used to find multiple books about similar topics. Add some of these to your searches:

  • Transgender people
  • Transgender children
  • Transgender youth
  • Transgender men
  • Transgender women
  • Transgender females
  • Minority transgender women
  • Transgender parents
  • Transgender college students
  • Gender nonconformity
  • Gender-nonconforming people
  • Gender-nonconforming youth
  • Nonbinary gender identities
  • Gender transition
  • Gender identity in advertising
  • Gender identity in children
  • Gender identity in education
  • Gender identity in mass media
  • Transgender discrimination
  • Transsexuals