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Static Linking: Library Search

This guide is designed to provide faculty with help linking content from EBSCOHost, ProQuest and JSTOR in Blackboard or online bibliographies.

Library Search

Library Search is the Bentley Library's discovery service. You can use it to search almost everything the library has, including books and e-books, articles, and streaming media.

Bentley Library Search. Search for books, articles, videos, and more.

Permanent Links in the Bentley Library Search

All items included in the Bentley Library Search have their own unique record which includes a permalink (otherwise known as a permanent or static link). These are direct links to the item in the catalog, without any temporary information included in the URL, making them ideal candidates to use in course sites or materials.

After locating the desired item in the Library Search Results, look for the Permalink tool. The location of the permalink option will vary depending on whether you are looking at the result list or the full record display.

Result List View

Result List Entry. Permalink link chain icon on top right of result highlighted.

Full Display View

Full Result Display. Permalink option in the "Send to" section highlighted.