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Current News

This guide offers a starting point in finding current news publications via the Bentley Library. Includes U.S. news, international news, and more. Includes directions on how to register for Bloomberg, Economist, FT, NYT, and WSJ accounts.

The Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal Logo


Bentley University students, faculty and staff members now have free access to Wall Street Journal website. The Bentley Library has a subscription that gives members of the Bentley community full access to the content on the website. Users can also use their mobile devices to access the Wall Street Journal.

How to Get Started

Register for an Account:

  • Go directly to Bentley’s account activation page.
    • This is a special link created just for Bentley and the only link to help you sign up for an account via our subscription.
  • You will be brought to a Bentley Log In page. Enter your Bentley credentials to sign in. You may be asked to authenticate with two-factor authentication.
  • Complete the Create Account form with your information, selecting whether you are a student, staff, or faculty member. 
    • If asked to create a password, we recommend using a password different than your Bentley network password for security reasons.
    • Do not change your account email from your Bentley email address. This can lead to account log in and renewal issues in the future.
  • You will see a confirmation screen if you have registered successfully. A confirmation email will also be sent to you.
  • Verify your account by following the directions in the email that has been sent to you.

Enjoy your access! This account will last for one calendar year before you will have to renew your account. 

Mobile Apps

WSJ Apps are available for iOS and Android to take your subscription with you wherever you are. To download the free apps, visit

Returning Users:

There's no special log in screen once you have activated your account. You can log in right from!

Renewing Your Account

Wall Street Journal accounts last for one calendar year from activation. At the end of the subscription period, you will need to renew your account. The process is very similar to creating an account, but here are some steps to make it easier:

  1. Click Bentley Library's unique account activation link.
  2. You will be brought to a Bentley Log In page. Enter your Bentley credentials to sign in. You may be asked to authenticate with two-factor authentication.
  3. Complete the Create Account form with your information.
  4. You will see a confirmation screen if you have registered successfully. A confirmation email will be sent to you. 
  5. Complete the renewal process by clicking the link in the email. 
  6. Make sure you refresh your browser, etc. if you are still being asked to subscribe when you are logged in (especially if you had any WSJ pages open before renewing your account).

Note: If you are using any WSJ apps on a phone or tablet, you may have to log back in on those devices after renewal.

For troubleshooting tips, see our Frequently Asked Questions below.


Why can’t I log in?

You must create your account using your Bentley University email address. If you have created an account with a non-Bentley email, your account may have been suspended.

Why am I asked to login on some occasions and not others?

Your browser cache or history may have cleared itself. Go to and log back in.

I'm logged into my account but now it's asking me to pay/subscribe. What's going on?

It might be time to renew your account. Accounts last for one calendar year from the date of creation. Follow the steps in the Renewing Your Account box to renew.

I just renewed my account, but it's not recognizing the renewal. What's going on?

Browser-Based Troubleshooting: It could be that a bad or outdated cookie has been saved.

Step 1: Log out completely from Go to to completely log out of

Step 2: Clear out your cookies. Go to to delete any cookies associated with Wall Street Journal.

Step 3: Try renewing again by going to

WSJ App Troubleshooting: If you've renewed your account but the app on your mobile device is not recognizing the renewal, even after logging out and logging back into your account, try deleting the app from your device and reinstalling.

Where else can I get the Wall Street Journal? Is there an easier place I can search past issues?

The website subscription allows access to breaking news as well as blogs and other online content not included in the Bentley Library's databases while the databases allow unlimited access to their content and more powerful searching capabilities.

Students, staff and faculty who wish to use the Wall Street Journal for research should access the paper via the following databases:

Need help?

Reference & Research Help Contact Information
In-Person Visit us at the Reference Desk during our hours.
Phone 781.891.2300
 Text 781.728.0511
 Live Chat
Research Help Hours (Summer 2024)    
Sunday Monday - Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Closed 8:30 am - 7:00 pm 8:30 am - 5:00 pm 8:30 am - 4:00 pm Closed
All Hours are in Eastern Time. Hours are subject to change on holidays or for unforeseen circumstances. For up-to-date information, check the online calendar.

Research Consultations: Research Help by Appointment

Research Consultations are scheduled one-on-one meetings with a reference librarian. You can also schedule these consultations for a small group. Consultations usually last 30 minutes and take place during Reference Librarian Hours as listed above. 48 hours advanced notice required.

Research Guides

Research Guides are resources created by Bentley Librarians to guide you through research. These guides will contain a map of best bet resources of where to find information and search tips to make the research process easier. A research guide may include a list of relevant databases to search in, suggested search terms, recommended book titles, lists of websites, and more. Browse our list of Research Guides to see if one has been created for your class, a subject area, or a topic you are researching.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bentley Librarians keep a database of some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (and answers!) by the Bentley Community. Browse our FAQs to see if your question has already been answered!