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Archives at Bentley: Caring for Archival Material

Learn more about archives and special collections, including how to find historic material at the Bentley Library. Also learn about primary source research and preservation.

General Rules for Handling Material

Here are some quick guidelines on how you'll be asked to handle materials in the archives. More information will be provided for you at your appointment.

  • Only pencils (or a computer!) can be used for note-taking in the archives. No pens, markers, etc.

  • No food or drink in the general vicinity of archives material.

  • Please wash your hands before handling materials, and avoid applying any lotion or moisturizer right before your appointment, if possible.

  • Only use one box and one folder at a time, to avoid getting materials mixed up!

  • Handle all items gently and use any supports given to you by the Archivist.

  • You may be asked to wear gloves when using material that is susceptible to damage. 

  • Avoid "flipping" through books or pages - old paper can be very brittle & will break if handled roughly. 

Rules of Thumb for Care

Avoid adhesives and fasteners! Tape and glue can degrade paper and photographs and cause damage when removed. Fasteners like staples and paper clips also cause damage, and can create rust and corrosion on your items. 

Select appropriate storage. For long-term storage, try to find paper or plastic enclosures that are designated "acid-free". Do not expose items to unecessary light. Also try to keep items in places that do not experience temperature or humidity extremes.

Consider professional services for complicated formatting conversions or significant repairs to damage. Other tasks, like scanning, creating records, and repairing minor damage can be done at home if you find good resources to help you learn. 

Demonstration of Handling Practices

Abilene Christian University's Milliken Special Collections wants you to know that when working with archival materials one needs to be aware of how to interact with the various issues that threaten the items. Milliken Special Collection's Preservation Coordinator - Chad Longley gives us some guidelines that help us with our interactions with irreplaceable items.

Aug 11, 2010

Caring for your Personal or Family Archives

There are some amazing free resources on the web dedicated to helping you preserve your personal collections or family archives. Here are just a few, with a description of their focus. If you have additional preservation questions, contact the Archives and we will try to answer them as we are able.