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Archives at Bentley: What's at the Bentley Archives?

Learn more about archives and special collections, including how to find historic material at the Bentley Library. Also learn about primary source research and preservation.

Guide to Record Groups

RG 1 Division of the President

   1.1 Records of the Office of the

   1.2 Office of General Counsel

   1.3 Office of Equal Opportunity /
   Office of the Ombudsperson

   1.4 Human Resources

   1.5 Office of Sustainability

RG 2 Board of Trustees

RG 3 Division of Administration and Finance

   3.1 Financial Operations

   3.2 Information Technology

   3.3 Purchasing, Administration,
   & Campus Services

   3.4 Facilities

RG 4 Division of Enrollment Management

   4.1 Office of the VP for
   Enrollment Management

   4.2 Office of Undergraduate
   Admissions & Marketing

   4.3 Financial Assistance

   4.4 Enrollment Systems & Analytics

   4.5 Institutional Research

RG 5 Division of Academic Affairs

   5.1 Office of the Provost

   5.2 College of Arts & Sciences

   5.3 Academic Departments

   5.4 McCallum Graduate
   School of Business

RG 6 Division of Marketing & Communications

   6.1 Office of Digital Engagement

   6.2 Office of News & Communications

   6.3 Marketing Programs

RG 7 Division of Student Affairs

   7.1 Office of the Dean of
   Student Affairs

   7.2 Center for International Students
   & Scholars

   7.3 Multi-Cultural Center

   7.4 Spiritual Life

   7.5 Health and Wellness

   7.6 Public Safety/University Police

   7.7 Residence Life

   7.8 Student Activities

   7.9 Athletics

RG 8 Division of University Advancement

8.1 Administration & VP for University Advancement

      8.2 Development

      8.3 Gift Planning

      8.4 Career Services

      8.5 Center for
      Women in Business

      8.6 Center for Alumni,
      Parents, & Friends

RG 9 Faculty and Staff Files

RG 10 Student and Class Files

RG 11 University Publications

   1.1 Yearbooks

   1.2 Newspaper

   1.3 Commencement Programs

   1.4 Catalogs and Handbooks

   1.5 Campus and Alumni Directories

   1.6 Alumni Magazine

   1.7 Faculty/Staff Newsletter

   1.8 Record of Faculty Achievement

   1.9 New Student Record

   1.10 News of Bentley /
   Bentley in the News

   1.11 Business Journals

   1.12 New England Heritage
   Center Publications

   1.13 Miscellaneous Publications

RG 12 Photographs

RG 13 Memorabilia

RG 14 Bentley History

Finding Material in the Bentley Archives

Collections in the Bentley Archives are organized by "Record Groups" that mimic the organizational structure of the school. To the left, you can see a basic list of our collections.

Collections in italics are either fully processed or are currently being processed - meaning they will be more organized and accessible than others. We are a small operation & we are still trying to organize all of the records in our archive! If you want to access material from an unprocessed collection, please contact the Archives; we will always strive to provide you with as much material as possible, even if it may be a work in progress!

Most users are not accustomed to searching for records in archives, so below we've highlighted some of the topics that are well-represented in the collection so you can get a better idea of what we have. Call or email any time with questions about a topic you are interested in!

History of the University

  • RG 14 is a collection of found materials containing letters, pamphlets, newsletters, and other documents that show the early progress of the "Bentley School."
  •  RG 1.1 is where you can find Harry Bentley's research on business education, read Mr. Lindsay's letters about moving Bentley to Waltham, and more.
  • RG 3.4 covers all of Bentley's physical spaces - including the original campus in Boston! Find out more about what Bentley has looked like through the years, and what brought about changes on campus.
  • In RG 5 you can find out about the history of the curriculum and academic departments at Bentley. Look at old course descriptions and syllabi to see how Bentley students have learned over the years.

Life at Bentley

  • RG 7 has information about all kinds of student activities and organizations, and about living in Bentley dorms.
  •  Thanks to our amazing donors, RG 10 is full of students' notebooks, textbooks, and scrapbooks!
  •  In RG 11, publications like the yearbook and student newspaper give great insight into what was happening at Bentley.
  • Marketing material like brochures and ads show off new developments at the school, and can be found in RG 4.2 and RG 5.

More than Just Paper!

  • While we do have some amazing documents, letters, newspapers, and more, most collections are also supported by other types of media.

  • Media collections like photographs, video, audio, and artifacts have been separated so we can keep them as safe as possible.

  • Archives staff can help you find information about your  topic in lots of formats - just ask!

Subject Guide

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