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Static Linking: Making Links Available for Remote Users

This guide is designed to provide faculty with help linking content from EBSCOHost, ProQuest and JSTOR in Blackboard or online bibliographies.

Proxy Server Prefix-tag

The Bentley Library proxy server allows users to add a prefix tag to a static link from EBSCOHost or JSTOR in order to make the link available to those members of the Bentley community who are off-campus.  Remote users will need a current Bentley username and network password.  The prefix tag is placed at the beginning on the static link.  Copy the tag below and add it to static links from EBSCOHost and JSTOR.

The prefix tag should only be added to static links from EBSCHost and JSTOR.  ProQuest Document URL's include the Bentley proxy server tag.  please see examples below.


JSTOR Stable URL with proxy server prefix tag:

EBSCOHost Permalink:

EBSCOHost Permalink with proxy server prefix tag:

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