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Mathematics Research Guide: Look Up Terms, Symbols, Concepts

This guide was created to provide a starting point for researching topics related to applied mathematics, pure mathematics, statistics, and analysis.


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Reference Books

Looking for brief explanations of important mathematical terms and concepts?  The following mathematics titles may be of interest.  All are located in the Reference Stacks on the main floor of the library.

The Cambridge Dictionary of Statistics  QA276.14 .E84 2002
In addition to providing short biographies of notable statisticians, this resource concisely defines terms in all areas of statistics, including medical, survey, theoretical, applied; an additional reference to a key book or article is provided following many of the entries and charts, graphs, diagrams, and other visuals accompany many of the definitions. 

CRC Standard Mathematical Tables and Formulae  QA47 .M315 2003
Touted as the new and improved bible of mathematics, this reference is best used by those already familiar with a particular concept who are looking to locate tables, formulae, and equations.

A Dictionary of Mathematics QA5 .G623 1984
This dictionary covers the basic concepts in mathematics as well as standard topics likely to appear in syllabi with many terms accompanied by diagrams and formulae.

Encyclopedia of Statistical Sciences  QA276.14 .E5 2006
Entries ranging from one to several pages in length report on statistical subjects, methods, associations, journals, biographies, theories, and updated practices; many of the entries have accompanying bibliographies which list foundational books and articles for those interested in further study of the topic.

Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mathematics  QA5 .I8313 1987
Mathematical concepts, topics, and people are defined in technical detail with accompanying mathematical diagrams and formulae;
entries include a list of references for those interested in further information.

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