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GB320: Golf -- Fall 2020 -- Sections 10, 11, 12 (Aroian, Ghaddar, Matthews, & Van Sleet)

Market & Industry Analysis: Key Reports to Read Before Exploring Other Tabs

  • Spitzer, D. (2020, February). Golf courses & country clubs in the US: IBISWorld industry report 71391. Retrieved from IBISWorld database.
  • O'Connor, C. (2020, April). Sports coaching in the US: IBISWorld industry report 61162. Retrieved from IBISWorld database.
  • Hiner, J. (2020, June). Sporting goods stores in the US: IBISWorld industry report 45111. Retrieved from IBISWorld database.
  • Le, T. (2020, February). Caterers in the US: IBISWorld industry report 72232. Retrieved from IBISWorld database.

To retrieve the above IBIS Reports:

  • Click the link for IBISWorld above, or:
  • Start at the Library's Databases A-Z page and find the link for IBIS World Industries and Markets.
  • Search by keyword or NAICS code to find the above reports.
  • You may wish to examine others as well.
  • There is a RED pdf option at the top of the report that lets you download the whole report.
  • O'Donnell, F. (2012, November). The Golf Consumer - US. Retrieved from Mintel Reports database.
  • Grabowski, G. (2013, February). Millennials' Leisure Trends - US. Retrieved from Mintel Reports database.
  • Smith, D. (2019, August). Sporting Goods Retail - US. Retrieved from Mintel Reports database.
  • Boesel, K. (2020, June). Marketing to millennials (incl. impact of COVID-19) - US. Retrieved from Mintel Reports database. 

To retrieve the above Mintel Reports:

  • Click the link for Mintel Reports above, or:
  • Start at the Library's Databases A-Z page and find the link for Mintel Reports.
  • Search by keyword to access the above reports.
  • Additional Mintel Reports may be of interest.

This report presents a range of statistics and facts about golf. This includes information about golf participation, golf equipment and courses, as well as statistics on professional golf.

* Please note that additional Statista reports will be of interest.

Other Industry Reports