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GB320: Golf -- Fall 2020 -- Sections 10, 11, 12 (Aroian, Ghaddar, Matthews, & Van Sleet)

Competitor Research

Who are the major competitors for your company? How do you find out?

First, identify companies in the industry.

  • Look at Industry InformationWhat other companies are prominent in the industry?
  • Look at articles in Trade Publications.  What other companies are in the industry that are not necessarily major players being talked about? What companies are producing similar products?

Then, conduct Company Research.

Library Databases

Reference USA

ReferenceUSA contains detailed information on more than 14 million U.S. businesses. ReferenceUSA records contain contact information, corporation information, company descriptions, management directories, and competitors. ReferenceUSA records allow users to view a company’s Corporate Family Tree. The custom search feature in ReferenceUSA allows users to set up a personalized search form to help identify and compare companies. Custom search options allow users to limit search results by business type, geography, business size and ownership type.

After launching ReferenceUSA, click on the link for "US Businesses" and then the tab for "Advanced Search":




On the Advanced Search page you can build a search that includes limiters for geography (zip code and radius from zip code), SIC/NAICS code (Business Type), and company size.

Click on Update Count (blue) then View Results (green).

Reference USA lets you download/export up to 500 company records at a time into excel. You can slice the data even further by looking at the other options available in the Advanced Search, just remember to Update Count when you add criteria before View Results.

Please remember that brand names and company names are not always the same and that not all of these companies are competitors.