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Bentley Library & Textbooks

Does the Bentley Library have my textbook?


The Bentley Library does not generally purchase textbooks. There are a number of reasons for this including budgetary reasons but in many cases we simply can't purchase textbooks -- especially online textbooks. Publisher purchase models for textbooks are designed for individual purchase between the publisher and the intended user. This prohibits libraries from purchasing textbooks for student use.

However, it is worth checking to see if your professor has put a print copy of the textbook on reserve or if your textbook happens to be in the library’s regular book or ebook collection.

How can I check if the library has my textbook?

Check Course Reserves

Sometimes professors put a print copy of the class textbook on reserve for students at the Library Services Desk. You can search course reserves for your textbook by your professor’s last name or the course code. Reserve readings can usually be checked out for 2 hours for in-library use, but some professors may allow a longer borrowing period.

Search the Library’s Catalog for Your Textbook

Sometimes the library will have a copy of your textbook in the stacks or we may even have a copy of your textbooks in one of our ebook collections. This is more likely for books that are not “standard” textbooks, such fiction/literature, business titles, popular nonfiction books and biographies. Search the library’s catalog by title and/or author for your textbook. If you do find your textbook, double-check the publication date or edition number to ensure it is the same edition required by your professor.

Keep in mind that even if the library does have a copy of your textbook, any access codes to online supplementary material or learning platforms will need to be purchased separately.


You can contact a Reference Librarian at the Reference Desk by email (, phone (781.891.2300), text (781.728.0511) or via live chat. We can help you search to see if the library has your textbook.

Purchasing or Renting Textbooks

Students can purchase textbooks through the Bentley Bookstore. Some textbooks are also available to rent, usually at a lower cost.

If you would like to compare prices to see if you can get a textbook at a lower price from another seller, try checking some of these online retailers.

*Make sure to double check the textbook title, author, edition, and ISBN to ensure you are getting the correct edition before purchasing. Verify the information by checking your class syllabus, the Bentley Bookstore, or with your professor.