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Management Research: Bentley Library Databases

This guide is designed to help you get started doing management research using Library resources and services

Search Tips for Finding Articles

  • Pick good search terms to use when looking for articles. Often, these are the main ideas or key concepts of your research topic that are usually nouns. Think of all the different ways that the terms can be used - in case one term doesn't work, try another!
  • Use Boolean terms AND, OR, and NOT to connect multiple search terms (i.e. management AND "strategic planning") to better focus your search.
  • Utilize the database's Controlled Vocabulary, usually referred to as Subjects or Thesaurus Terms. These are terms that the database assigns to articles and other materials to describe what the content is about. If you can figure out the terminology the database uses, you can use that term to search more efficiently!

Search Beyond Bentley Library

Broaden the scope of your research to search outside of the Bentley Library Databases using Google Scholar

Note: Configure Google Scholar to connect you with articles that Bentley Library has access to! See this guide for details on how:

Found an article Bentley does not have access to?

Request it via Interlibrary Loan!

Library Databases