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Public Health

Sources for operations, marketing, and finance as they relate to public health.


What kind of news consumer are you? 

Are you the kind to speculate what the impact of a crisis will be on business (see business tab on this guide)?  

Do you play with a lot of statistics and visit the Johns Hopkins University website for facts about COVID-19 (see business tab on this guide)? 

Are you the type who prefers the clinical, microbiological details of public health problems (stay on this tab for science)? 

Maybe you like news that can advertise big picture (see media and messaging tab) 

Do you imitate the ostrich and skip it all (see readings tab for insight)?  

We've listed our best databases on this guide for researching public health topics.  We've collected sources for science, broadcasting, operations, business, and more

Current Bentley credentials will be needed to access proprietary databases.  To get you started, sample searches represent what the resource can provide for your project 

E-resources for science, Public Health

More E-resources, Public Health