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Public Health

Sources for operations, marketing, and finance as they relate to public health.

Best news sources, mass media and public health messages

Journals on public health communication, health IT


Get the best of resources and search intersection of many variables such as messaging with government, media, and geography 

1. Identify the topic ...  Circle around a specific issue to maintain a boundary such as tobacco, alcohol, obesity, teen pregnancy 

2. Medium  ...For your topic, how public health words are spread? Social media, TV, print, grassroots, demonstrations?  

3. Goal .... Does your research have an underlying question such as,  "nation-wide campaigns aimed to reduce occurrence of A" 

4. Sender ... Dial in on any activists, lobbyists, medical officials, government agencies, dot-coms, and others

5. Geography  ...Search also with nation, region, or continent

Media, messages, and Public Health

 View this video about the roles media has had regarding public health.