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Public Health

Use this guide to begin research on public health related topics including medical research, health policy, education, and impacts on business and economics.

US Law & Policy Resources

Government Publications can keep you up to date regarding the laws and policies in effect and in development in the United States.

Regulations related to a specific area may be more easily located on the websites of government agencies (i.e. Food & Drug Administration, Health & Human Services, etc.). Consult the page on contributing agencies for ideas on other places to look.

International Law & Policy Resources

Finding international law or policy resources may prove challenging, especially if the documents are written in another language. The following website from the Library of Congress offers a good starting point for law research from countries around the world. You can find the country or countries you are interested in to find some ideas of where to start.

Another way to begin would be to find the official website of the country and then finding the agencies or ministries who would be in charge of the area related to your topic to find any online resources.

Legal Research

The following are two library databases for legal research that contain information related to laws, court cases, and more.