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U.S. Government Research

This guide offers a starting point to find U.S. government information.

Finding State & Local Government Information and Resources

Researching state and local governments often starts by looking at official websites. The amount of information and data available online will vary. Think creatively in order to determine where to best find pieces of information. For example, you may look for information from:

  • Governors
  • State Legislatures
  • State Court Systems
  • Counties
  • Town Councils, Mayors, or City Managers
  • State and Local Departments (i.e. Department of Education, Department of Environmental Management, Department of Transportation, etc.)

You may also want to check non-governmental sources that can provide information or references to sources of information including:

  • Local news sources
  • Local colleges & universities
  • Historical societies and archives

State & Local Government Web Sources

Massachusetts Resources