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Communications & Writing Research Guide

This guide is intended to help students in all levels of writing and communications classes - whether you are new to doing research at Bentley or need a refresher!

Search for Books Using the Bentley Library Search

You can use the library's search to find many books and other materials such as videos, government publications, and more. 

Bentley Library Search. Search for books, articles, videos, and more.

Searching for EBooks

Can't make it into the library or want to see all of the options available to you? Try looking at some of our Ebook collections! Some of these books are discoverable while using the Library Search, but others can only be discovered by searching the databases themselves. Here are some of the best bet places to look for eBooks:

Tips for Looking at a Book Record in the Library Catalog

Indicated in the image below, there are a couple of sections that are particularly helpful in looking at the book record to see if it is something that might be useful for your project.

  • Bibliographic/Citation Information: The section at the top of the book's record will include helpful information such as the book's title, author or editor, and year of publication. 

Image capture of book record in the Bentley Library Search. Shows the title of the book, author, availability, and more.

Further down on the page, under the "Details" heading there are a couple of sections that can be helpful in learning a little more about the book before going to look at it on the shelf:

  • Description:  The description section will contain a quick paragraph describing the contents of the book or providing an overview. 
  • Contents:  You may see a Contents section will often include the chapter titles for the book.
  • Subjects: Subjects are assigned to each item in the catalog to describe what the book is about. These can be helpful in a couple of ways - you can actually click on these subjects to find all of the other items in the catalog that also use the same subject heading and these subjects can be helpful in gathering ideas for search terms to use!

Image capture of the Details section of a book record in the Library Search. Shows field including Title, Creator, Subject, Description, Contents, Related Titles, Publisher, and Creation Date.

Finding a Print Book in the Library

The Bentley Library uses the Library of Congress (LC) Call Number System as a way to organize our books. These books are shelved by subject, so if you go to look for a book in the library - you might find others on your topic on the shelf right near the one you were looking for!

LC Call numbers are "read" alphanumerically. Look for the letters first, then the numbers! 

>Try it out! Use this call number test from Kent State University Libraries to practice your understanding of the Library of Congress system.

"Get It"

The "Get It" section of a book record will include the information on where to locate a physical item within the library. 

Image Capture of the "Get It' section of a print book record. Highlights 1. Location with availability, collection, and LC Call number. 2. Map It Button. 3. Request: Place a Hold feature.

  1. Location Information You will need the location information to find the book in the library. The Location will tell you which collection the book is in while the Call Number will help you to locate the book on the shelf. Make sure to check the Status - if it says available, that means the book is available to check out! 
  2. Click the Map it button in the catalog to open a map to point you towards the general area the book is in the library. Make sure to check which floor on the map where the book is located.
  3. Want to place a hold on a particular book? Make sure you are signed into your account to see the "Request: Place Hold on Bentley Item" option. You can select this option to place a hold on that book. Library Services will pull that book off the shelf and you can pick it up at the Library Services desk once you get an email saying it is ready.

Image capture of Map It feature in the Primo Catalog. Displays the map highlighting the location of a physical item in the library indicated by the map pin as well as written directions to the item's location.

Example image of a "Map it" for an item from the catalog.

If you need help finding a book in the building, please ask at the Reference Desk or the Library Services desk for help!