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GB320: Insurance - (Spring 2021) 7, 8, 9, 16, 17, & 18 (Kahana, McCormack, Ruby, Santosh, Silva, & Amin)

Market & Industry Analysis: Key Reports

The NAICS codes below will help you retrieve relevant reports and information from the resources further below and elsewhere on the Bentley Library website.

Please do not limit yourself to them.  Other industries and corresponding codes may help you with your assignment.


524210 (Insurance Agencies and Brokerages in the US)

52429 (Third-Party Administrators & Insurance Claims Adjusters in the US)

51121 (Software Publishing in the US)

541511 (Custom Computer Programming Services in the US)

 You will also want to reference specific state regulations for the market you are researching.  Several states have websites to guide their residents through the requirements for car insurance.  E.g. CA  and MA

  • Gambardella, A. (2020, November). Insurance Brokers & Agencies in the US (US industry NAICS report 52421). IBISWorld
  • Rodriguez, A. (2020, April). Online Insurance Brokers (US specialized industry report OD4768). IBISWorld
  • Kennedy, K. (2020, December). Third-Party Administrators & Insurance Claims Adjusters in the US (US industry NAICS report 52429). IBISWorld.
  • Cook, D. (2020, October). Software Publishing in the US (US industry NAICS Report 51121). IBISWorld.
  • Cook, D. (2020, October). Smartphone App Developers in the US (US specialized industry report OD5817). IBISWorld.
  • Gambardella, A. (2019, December). Insurance Brokers & Agencies in California (US industry state report CA52421). IBISWorld
  • Gambardella, A. (2019, July). Insurance Brokers & Agencies in Colorado (US industry state report CO52421). IBISWorld
  • Gambardella, A. (2020, October). Insurance Brokers & Agencies in Florida (US industry state report FL52421). IBISWorld
  • Gambardella, A. (2020, October). Insurance Brokers & Agencies in Illinois (US industry state report IL52421). ​​​​​​​IBISWorld
  • Gambardella, A. (2020, October). Insurance Brokers & Agencies in New Jersey (US industry state report NJ52421). ​​​​​​​IBISWorld
  • Gambardella, A. (2020, May). Insurance Brokers & Agencies in Texas (US industry state report TX52421). ​​​​​​​IBISWorld

* Please note that additional IBIS reports will be of interest and that there is a download option that lets you get your own copy of the whole report in pdf, word or excel.

Statista. (2020). Car Insurance in the United States [Dossier].

* Please note that additional Statista reports will be of interest.