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GB320: Sporting Apparel and Goods Stores in the US -- Fall 2018 -- Sections 001, 002, 003 (Flynn, Grusby, & Shepherd; Houston & Amin): Customer Analysis

Information resources to help you with Assignment 1 of your Integrated Business Project course.

Who's buying athletic footwear and apparel?

Search for the following Mintel Reports to find out who is buying athletic wear:

Fitness Clothing – US – October 2014

Men's and Women's Footwear - US - May 2018

Shopping for Men's and Women's Footwear - US - June 2012

Footwear - US - November 2010 ~ *Reasons for Purchasing Athletic Shoes:

Search for the following Statista Reports to find out what influences purchasing:

Footwear Report 2018 - Athletic Footwear

What's included?

  • Footwear Market Overview
  • Segment Overview Athletic Footwear
  • Market KPI comparison: Revenue, volume sales and growth rate
  • Regional development including following focus regions and countries: United States, Germany, United Kingdom, China, Latin America, Australia, Turkey and South Africa

Clothing & Apparel ~ Statistics and facts on Clothing, Shoes & Apparel

What's included?

  • U.S. Apparel and Footwear Consumer Behavior - Statistics & Facts Segment Overview Athletic Footwear
  • Influences on athletic footwear purchases in the United States 2014
  • U.S. online shoppers: important criteria when buying fashion online 2017

Where do your customers live?

DemographicsNow leverages data from the U.S. Census, Consumer Expenditure surveys, Retail Spending reports, and Mosaic Lifestyle market segmentation groupings to create unique comparisons and reports.

Getting started with DemographicsNow

  • Click on the Demographics Now from the Library's Databases A to Z listing
  • Start in the Demographics tab
  • Type a location or choose from the Geography List in the dropdown menu
  • After you choose the Geography, select a Report Type (e.g., Summary)
  • Choose a Report Name (e.g., Executive Summary Report with Charts)
  • Run Report
  • Other reports of interest include:
    • Basic Demographic Comparison Chart
    • Demographic Trend Comparison
    • Simmons® National Consumer Study 
    • Experian’s Mosiac© USA Household Comparison
      • (see Mosaic USA Details under Help drop down menu in the upper right hand corner of the screen)

VIDEO: Analyzing Market Size and Demographics




Marketing to Consumers - Online Resources

GfK Mediamark Research & Intelligence.  (2017).  Sports Clothing -- Amount Spent In Total.  Retrieved from MRI Mediamark University Internet Reporter database.

GfK Mediamark Research & Intelligence.  (2017).  Sports -- How Often Engaged In.  Retrieved from MRI Mediamark University Internet Reporter database.

To retrieve the above reports, please register (see above in description) and:

  • Click Mediamark... above or:
  • Start at the Library's Databases A-Z page and find and click Mediamark...
  • Log in
  • Select University Reporter
  • Select 2017 GfK Reporter MRI
  • Scroll to Leisuer/Sports
  • Scroll to find the appropriate "Sports" and "Sports Clothing" reports