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Using Online Library Resources in Teaching

Learn more about using online library resources in teaching including tips on incorporating streaming films, eBooks, and more!

Bentley Library & Textbooks

The Bentley Library does not generally purchase textbooks. There are a number of reasons for this including budgetary reasons but in many cases we simply can't purchase textbooks -- especially online textbooks. Publisher purchase models for textbooks are designed for individual purchase between the publisher and the intended user. This prohibits libraries from purchasing textbooks for student use.

We encourage faculty to consider placing a print copy of the textbook on reserve if possible.

Depending on the book you are interested in using, the title may be available in one of our existing eBook collections.

You might even want to consider adopting an OER Textbook to use in your classes!

EBook Collections & Access Models

Each eBook platform acts slightly differently in how the books can be accessed. When thinking about assigning or using eBooks from our collections in teaching, it's important to be on the lookout for how the platform may impact not only how students can get to the material but how many students can access the content at the same time.

Works like a Print Book

Books in these collections require that users check out the book for a period of time. No other users can access the book until it has been returned.

1, 3, or Unlimited User Access Models

Books in these collections do not require check out but there are multiple access models that can vary from title to title within the collection. The book record in the eBook database will share the access model for the title and will let the potential user know if the book is available for use.

1 User: One user at a time can access this book.

3 User: Up to three users can access this book at the same time.

Unlimited: Any number of users can access this book at the same time.

Unlimited User Access

Books in these collections do not have a cap on how many users can access the titles concurrently.

Suggesting an eBook to the Library

Faculty can reach out to their department's liaison librarian directly with suggestions for purchase or use the suggest a purchase form available on the library website. 

We will check to see if the book you are interested in is available to us in one of our eBook collections and will let you know what access options are available for the title, budget permitting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download/print/email/save an eBook or eBook chapter?

That depends on which platform the book is on and which book you are interested in using. There may be restrictions applied on the number of pages that can be downloaded, printed, or emailed (outside of general copyright guidelines). The number of pages permissible can vary by title as these are set by the publisher of the ebook and these allowances cannot be changed by the library.

Some platforms may allow for eBooks to be downloaded as a whole to a device for offline reading using compatible software. The downloads in these cases will have DRM technology attached so the book will be returned at the end of the loan period set by the platform.

Books from OverDrive are an outlier in this scenario. While whole books may be downloaded to a device for offline reading, features such as specifying downloads of specific chapters, emailing, or saving are not available.

Each book record in the eBook database will tell you the particular permissions available for each book. If you have questions, contact a librarian at the Bentley Library Reference Desk for assistance.