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*Bentley Library Status and Services

Due to precautions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, services at the Bentley Library will be different from past academic years. This guide provides an overview of our services and operations and will be updated throughout the year.

Things to Know Before You Go

Wear a mask if unvaccinated. Practice social distancing. Wash hands frequently. Stay home if you're sick.


Visit the Back to Bentley website for campus-wide information and plans. 

Entry into the Bentley Library

Please use the main entrance across from Adamian to enter the building. 

  • Face coverings must be worn at all times in the building if you are not yet fully vaccinated.
  • On-campus resident students must be wearing the wristband received as part of the screening testing protocol on campus.

Limited Occupancy and Seating

Occupancy will be limited and monitored. If the library is at capacity per state occupancy guidelines, you may need to wait to enter.

We will be using an iPad app to count people as the enter and exit the building. This will allow us to accurately monitor how many people are in the building at any given time.  Due to these occupancy limits, please be courteous to others and be mindful of your time in the building.

Furniture has been removed to enable social distancing and keep the library within the occupancy guidelines set by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We ask that all visitors to the library do not move the furniture from its placement. Seats available are spaced a minimum of 6 ft. apart.  

Please do not leave personal belongings unattended in the library. You cannot "save" your space by leaving bags, jackets, laptops, etc. Any unattended items will be collected and sent to the lost & found at Campus Police.

Group Study Rooms

Group Study rooms are currently available on a first come, first served basis. Reservations cannot be made in advance this fall. You can make an on the fly reservation (for up to 2 hours) at the touch screens outside of the rooms. To view unoccupied rooms while in the building, take a look at the Reservation Calendar screen on the wall of the main floor lobby. You can also view room availability online

Please be sure to abide by the maximum occupancy number that is posted on each room and wear your face covering at all times while in the room if you are not yet fully vaccinated.

Other Services & Centers in the Library

IT Help Desk/Client Services

Access to and from the IT Help Desk through the main library will not be available. Should you need to visit the Help Desk, please use the outer entrance (across from Jennison) for direct access to the Help Desk.

The IT Help Desk website contains more information on services available in the fall as well as contact information.

ESOL Center

ESOL will only be offering online appointments. Visit the ESOL Center website for more information and/or to book an appointment.

Writing Center

The Writing Center Tutors are available by booking an appointment. Visit the Writing Center website for more information about services available and/or to book an appointment.