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Election 2016

Election Day 2016 occurred on November 8, 2016.


Candidates for the 2016 U.S. Presidential election:

  Democrat (D) Republican (R) Green (G) Libertarian (L)
Presidential Candidate: Hillary Clinton Donald Trump* Jill Stein Gary Johnson
Vice Presidential Candidate: Tim Kaine Mike Pence Ajamu Baraka William Weld

Click on the Presidential Candidate's name to visit his or her official 2016 campaign site.

For more information on the candidates of the 2016 Election, including those who dropped out, visit: 

2016 Debate Schedule

Presidential Debate #1 September 26th 9-10:30 pm (EST)
Vice Presidential Debate October 4th 9-10:30 pm (EST)
Presidential Debate #2 October 9th 9-10:30 pm (EST)
Presidential Debate #3 October 19th 9-10:30 pm (EST)

Further details can be found on the Commission on Presidential Debates website.

2016 Election News Coverage

2016 Public Opinion Resources

2016 Election Results

For local 2016 election results, visit the individual state' or town's website.