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Data & Statistics

Guide to start looking for data and statistics that can be used for various projects.

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Research Consultations are scheduled one-on-one meetings with a reference librarian. You can also schedule these consultations for a small group. Consultations usually last 30 minutes and take place during Reference Librarian Hours as listed above. 48 hours advanced notice required.

Research Guides

Research Guides are resources created by Bentley Librarians to guide you through research. These guides will contain a map of best bet resources of where to find information and search tips to make the research process easier. A research guide may include a list of relevant databases to search in, suggested search terms, recommended book titles, lists of websites, and more. Browse our list of Research Guides to see if one has been created for your class, a subject area, or a topic you are researching.

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Bentley Librarians keep a database of some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (and answers!) by the Bentley Community. Browse our FAQs to see if your question has already been answered! 


This research guide aims to be a list of potential Data & Statistics Sources where you can begin your research. This list is not comprehensive, but hopes to offer a starting point in beginning to track down data that might be useful for your research. Use the Table of Contents to jump to specific subject areas within this guide, however you should start by reviewing the resources listed under "General Sources".

Here are some additional ideas of places that you can look to find data:

  • National and International Government websites
    • Consider what departments of government might be concerned with your research area and visit those sites.
  • Not-for-profits and Other Organizations
    • Do you know of an organization that focuses on your subject area? A lot of organizations make their research available through their website.
  • College and University Institutional Repositories
    • Institutional Repositories can go under many names, but copies of data might be made available on the institution's repository. If you're having trouble locating if the institution has one, check their library's website.

As with any source of information, whether it be a book, article, or other item,  it is always important to evaluate the source - check where your data was sourced and any methodologies provided.

Contact a librarian for assistance in locating other potential data sources.

General Sources

Business, Economics & Finance

Trading Room 

The Trading Room has additional sources of information which can provide data. To find out more about the Trading Room offerings and their hours of operation see:

Consumers & Demographics




Public Opinion