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Film and Television Research: Locating Films and Television Shows

This guide is designed to help you get started doing film and television research using Library resources and services

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Online Sources for Film and Television Shows Watch contemporary and classic films and television shows in their entirety.  Full episodes of new and older TV shows are available from this website, some in high definition.  

Locating DVDs & Videos in the Bentley University Library

The best way to locate a DVD or video is to do an Advanced Search using the Bentley Library Catalog.

First, click on DVD/Video under Material Type.  This will limit your search results to only DVDs/Videos.

If you know the name of the film or television show you are looking for, select Title in the Advanced Keyword Search drop down menu.

                 Examples:  A Clockwork Orange
                                      Napoleon Dynamite

If you are searching for films or television shows by a certain director, writer, or with a particular actor/actress, select Author in the Advanced Keyword Search drop down menu. 
                 Examples: Kubrick, Stanley
                                     Kaufman, Charlie
                                     Depp, Johnny

If you are searching for films or television shows on a certain topic or withing a particular genre, select Subject in the Advanced Keyword Search drop down menu.

                 Examples: World War II

You can also do a simple Keyword search, using all or part of the title, director, actor, or actress's name. Putting the name or title in quotation marks will improve the accuracy of your search.  

Sources Outside of the Bentley University Library

Harvard Film Archive  The HFA's large collection, nearly 14,000 16 and 35mm titles, is accessible to outside researchers and scholars. The HFA holds public screenings from its collection on Friday through Monday evenings throughout the year.  

Museum of Modern Art  The Film Department's collection at MoMA, over 20,000 films and 4 million film stills, is the largest international collection in the United States.  MoMA holds frequent screenings and exhibitions of the many of the films in its collection; the schedule for upcoming screenings is posted on their website.

WorldCat  This library catalog allows users to search the collections of over 10,000 libraries from around the world. If the Bentley University Library doesn't have a title you're looking for, WorldCat will tell you the closest library which does.