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Guide to support debates and rhetorical discussion on contentious issues

Library Session with Dominique Winn

Our Goals Today

  • Evaluate sources critically, identify scholarly work online and offline
  • Article searches
  • Library Catalog tour
  • AND, OR, and NOT, the Boolean operators
  • Find the library website from at least 2 separate paths


Excellent E-Resources for controversial topics

Define the word "research"

Green dot In the library context the term research is most often used to mean "information gathering" or "collecting literature" on a topic. Compare this to the applied sciences, where research usually means "laboratory or field work" to build empirical knowledge.  

This guide provides links to aid information gathering of existing literature. The sky is the limit!

Looking for an idea?

This sample search wheel shows results for Violence in Movies

E-resources for more topics

Also browse our entire collection of Databases A to Z 

More excellent E-resources

Sample search for these is "air pollution" AND ______ AND [your favorite word here]

Search the Catalog

Scholarly or Non-Scholarly?

Fake News and how it can happen