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GLS101: Globalization: Finding Books

This guide provides a starting point in conducting research on topics related to globalization for GLS101: Globalization.

Finding Books

The best place to find detailed, in-depth coverage of topics or countries you are researching is in the books in our library's collection.  When searching, you will have to select key words or search terms related to your topic to help you find material. 

For example, if you're looking at the effects of globalization in a particular country such as China, you may construct your search like this:

globalization AND China 

This search would bring you back results in the catalog that would have books with information on globalization and China.

If you're looking at the relationship between globalization and a topic such as the environment, you could try the following search in the catalog:

globalization AND environment

Try a search on your topic in the Bentley Library Catalog below to find books on your topic!

More search tips are available on the Finding Articles page in this research guide.

You could replicate these searches in the WorldCat Catalog to look for books outside the library's collection on your topic. If you find some books that we don't have in WorldCat that would be useful to you, be sure to request them through Interlibrary Loan!

Search the Bentley Library Catalog

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WorldCat Catalog -- Search for Items from Beyond Bentley

Search for resources from around the World and use the Library's Interlibrary Loan system to retrieve books, articles and even DVDs