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This guide contains online tutorials created by the library for using library resources.


This page includes a number of short video tutorials created by Bentley librarians to assist students, faculty, and staff with their research. Video tutorials in our Research Essentials series provide a basic introduction to business related research at Bentley Library, designed for students conducting research for the GB112 course project, but can be used by anyone conducting business research


Table of Contents

Finding a Company's 10-K Finding Business News Articles
Finding Company Information Evaluating Information
Finding a NAICS Code Introduction to Citing Sources
Finding Industry Information Using the Journal Finder Search
  Get the Most Out of Google Scholar


Finding a Company's 10-K

Finding a Company's 10-K (Watch Time: 2 minutes 25 seconds)

This tutorial will focus on “How to Find a Form 10-K”. We will cover how to locate a Form 10-K in both freely available sources on the web as well as Bentley Library databases.


Finding Company Information

Finding Company Information (Watch Time: 3 minutes 42 Seconds)

Throughout this tutorial we'll be discussing strategies on how to conduct basic company research using resources available at the Bentley Library. We will cover how to start searching for the most credible information about a company and how to locate key financial information.


Finding a NAICS Code

Finding a NAICS Code (Watch Time: 2 minutes 50 seconds)

In this tutorial, we'll discuss how industries are classified using NAICS codes and how to locate a company’s industry code.

Finding Industry Information

Finding Industry Information (Watch Time: 2 minutes 49 seconds)

In this tutorial we'll examine how to find information about a specific industry using library resources.

Finding Business News Articles

Finding Business News Articles (Watch Time: 3 minutes 6 seconds)

In this tutorial, we will discuss how to search for and find news articles about a company or an industry using the library’s research databases.

Evaluating Information

Evaluating Information (Watch Time: 2 minutes 37 seconds)

In this tutorial we will discuss evaluating sources. Evaluating resources is an essential part of the research process. The strength and credibility of your work will rely on the quality of the sources that you use to support your arguments.

Introduction to Citing Sources

Introduction to Citing Sources (Watch Time: 3 minutes 13 seconds)

In this tutorial, we will provide an introduction to citing sources. We will cover why citing sources is important and what you need to do to cite a source properly.

Using the Journal Finder Search

Using the Journal Finder Search (Watch Time: 1 minute 11 seconds)

Use the Bentley Library Journal Finder Search to locate specific magazines, newspapers, and journals within our library databases.

Get the Most Out of Google Scholar

Get the Most Out of Google Scholar (Watch Time: 2 minutes 15 seconds)

Learn some useful tips about using Google Scholar to make your research more efficient.