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GLS280: Gender & Politics Worldwide

Learn more about how to begin researching topics related to gender and politics at the Bentley Library.

Data & Statistics

Below is a collection of some starting places to look for data and statistics related to democracy and politics in the United States. It includes both library subscribed research databases as well as freely available websites. 

Here are some additional ideas of places that you can look to find data:

  • National, State, and Local Government websites
    • Consider what departments of government might be concerned with your research area and visit those sites (i.e. Department of Justice, Secretary of State, etc.).
  • Not-for-profits and Other Organizations
    • Do you know of an organization that focuses on your subject area? A lot of organizations make their research available through their website.
  • College and University Institutional Repositories
    • Institutional Repositories can go under many names (for example, Bentley University's is called Scholars @ Bentley), but copies of data that researchers used might be made available on the institution's repository. If you're having trouble locating if the institution has one, check their library's website.

As with any source of information, whether it be a book, article, or other item,  it is always important to evaluate the source - check where your data was sourced and any methodologies provided.

Contact a librarian for assistance in locating other potential data sources.